This series shines light on the women we have met in our decade-long journey. While waiting on the line or chilling on the beach, she embraces her authentic self. Allowing space for others to do the same. She inspires us to move with intention—aware that what we don’t change, we choose. We are grateful for their candid stories and shared laughter. Get to know them more as they speak about overcoming obstacles, living for the rush, and life beyond the sea.

Living through this pandemic has forced us away from the waves and to hit pause. Looking back, it all started with a simple idea: How do we design a bikini that will move with us? A bikini that will not fall off mid-pop up or worse. The pursuit came with unforeseen setbacks. Even wipeouts. But one step at a time—and even one bikini at a time, adjusting and adapting—the Agos label grew its roots and took form. Years later, we continuously strive to create surf and swimwear for the modern woman.

We also dare to dream bigger. Building plans to connect better with this community and to give back to our future surfers and trailblazers. Dream with us. May you give yourself permission to push on. To try new things. To take one step towards getting things done. For the surf. Life below water and on land. The love. The advocacy. Be it carving a new career or building on years of hard work. For great health. The community. The family. We cheer for your progress and look forward to sharing these moments with you.

Written by Patricia Cabredo
Featured on the cover: Barbi Cruz, Ea delos Santos, Mica Ferrer, and Summer Puertollano
Photos by Ea delos Santos, Mica Ferrer, and Crissy Joson